The Webby Awards

A sweet project to create The Webby Awards theme. It’s fun messing with a client’s logo.



Show Opener Video:



Screen Shot 2012-06-14 at 3.25.53 PM

From this concoction of webish code, chemical compounds, math equations and online easter eggs:



For the tone, we used the Dexter title sequence as a reference. The final music lightens it up because it’s a celebration, not a serial killer show, but the tight shots do a great job capturing the drama of web distillation .







People’s Voice Fan Voting Site:

Liquid Voting Results:





Patton Oswalt opens the show with jokes about the theme:



Program Book/Webby Blend
Bulleit Bourbon was interested about actually bottling and labeling a “Webby Blend” to drink at the event, but it ultimately fell through. At least there was some free bourbon for a while.








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