Bout Game

Bout is an addicting photo game and was the first app from CollegeHumor.

There’s 2 sides to it: You submit photos to your friends’ challenges, and your friends submit photos to your challenges.



To start your challenge, you choose from 3 random ones — I wrote over a thousand of these.
Completed “Bouts” appear in the game feed.














A sample of more I wrote:

something Lincoln probably hid in his hat

proof that “artisinal” has gone too far

how to liven up a court appearance

nothin that chocolate can’t fix

your “in memoriam” photo

a tax write-off

a gateway drug to reading

something you wish there was an emoji for on your phone

the only job better than driving the zamboni

why you’re jealous of the opposite sex

disappointing to find at the end of a rainbow

something that will eventually be done by a robot

a funny weapon for a first-person-shooter game

an icebreaker in an elevator

something that’d look oddly profound on an album cover

cause for a “roommate meeting”

might make a vegetarian reconsider

abort! abort! abort!

your hockey penalty box face

something good as currency in jail

would be sweet as a giant ice scultpure

aliens might think this has religious meaning

why old age is gonna be amazing

remove this from your hot air balloon if it’s sinking

something parkour people would parkour

airport security secretly loves to confiscate this

a strange “exhibit A” in a murder trial

something that should never be bedazzled

if only they could see you now

more of a threat than North Korea

you’re not sure why you own this

ordinary but you bring it to life through the magic of song 

something single girls own

your undercover-in-the-mob face

something better when marathoned

what you’re hoping will fall from the sky

something Bobby Knight would enjoy throwing

much more appropriate for you to swear an oath on

a vacuum’s worst nightmare

your ”hand model” pose

something you’d easily be bribed with

an Instagrammer magnet

something inanimate that you’ve named

what the Amish aren’t missing out on

something you always forget

the first body part you’d sacrifice

something Europeans love more than you do

won’t be playing Carnegie anytime soon

something they should put in vending machines

your idea of romance

something you have no clue how it works

a plot device in a romantic comedy

ask your doctor if it’s right for you

something that represents a turning point in your life

a contagious yawn

something you secretly enjoy the advertising for


something that should stay out of the scrapbook

you’re tempted to keep a portrait of this in your wallet

your cryogenically-frozen-for-the-future face

something you tend to hoard

something that shouldn’t be a prize in a cereal box

should be an olympic sport

a surefire way to ruin a first date

a requirement as written in your contract so deal with it

might be an extra from Game of Thrones

clothing you’d like to be buried in

something that can’t be taught

how to make a problem go away

an unorthodox toy for a bubble bath


-Gizmodo App of the Day
-Featured in Fast Company and Laughing Squid

Even Novak got hooked: