Some spec and old stuff I like, even if there’s some rough edges:




A Purdy ClearCut brush is so precise it creates impossible edges.



Other considered locations: Chinatown / Little Italy, NYC / The burbs
Unconsidered location: Israel / Palestine















Getting new people into ESPN fantasy leagues from the fetus:


It starts with you revealing your unborn child’s sports destiny and sharing the results with friends and family.



After getting them registered on ESPN as early as possible, the app then becomes central command of the fetus during the nine month season where you can adjust decor, play your first game of catch, trash Tweet and learn about the optimal diet for a future hall of famer.


Features like trash tweet are designed to drive traffic to


And perhaps most importantly, their ESPN fantasy account will be waiting for them to take the reins when they’re ready. So even if they don’t turn out to be an all-star, they’ll already be set up for an all-star career in the family league, exclusively with ESPN.










A parity product that softens a world of rigid parity.















Barnes & Noble

Repositioned as the world’s best coffee shop because of its library and music collection at your disposal.









Store Signage:




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